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Voters’ Voice Initiatives


The Voters’ Voice Initiative is a plan by the people, for the people designed to transform our election process by creating an honest, transparent process for local candidates to run for office.   Democracy Dollars are designed to do three main things:

  1. Give you more choice, since not only the rich would be able to afford to run.
  2. Give citizens a fair, easy way to participate in our local democracy, leveling the playing field in the process.
  3. Give you more trust in the political process by knowing how candidates are funded

There are currently over 26 cities and states that have existing public financing programs.

We’re looking to add San Diego to that list, and are looking for help to do so.

One of the projects for which we’re currently looking for help is the San Diego Voters’ Voice Initiative Dashboard — a web-based campaign finance transparency tool that shows from whom candidates for mayor, city council and city attorney collect donations. It also shows whether more money is coming from inside or outside of the City, how much of the raised money has been spent, and what groups have donated the most. to that candidate. You can read more about this Dashboard on our February 3, 2021 blog post.

To find out more about Democracy Dollars and the Voters’ Voice Initiatives, please visit There you’ll be able to find out more about the campaign, how it works, and even answers to frequently asked questions.

Or you could learn about one of our other campaigns here.