Ranked Choice Voting

There are a number of election reform measures that will improve our current system. Replacing plurality voting with Ranked Choice Voting is a big step towards breaking the two-party hold on our elections and creating a more representative government. In pursuit of this goal, our San Diego team is partnering with Independent Voter Project, League of Women Voters, Fairvote and other organizations to form More Choice San Diego. Together we’re working to pass this important reform in San Diego in 2020.

So why exactly is Ranked Choice Voting better than what we’ve got now? Watch the video below for the answer.

As if that’s not cool enough, the nonprofit, nonpartisan democracy reform news website The Fulcrum recently held a “Democracy Madness” tournament (similar to basketball’s March Madness), and asked their readers to decide “which of 64 ideas for fixing the system would be the most transformative at ending the dysfunction and putting voters back at the center of things.” “The winner, with 56 percent support,…with the biggest burst of balloting since [their] contest started two months ago” was Ranked Choice Voting.

For more information on Ranked Choice Voting and how the More Choice San Diego coalition plans on passing this important reform in San Diego, please visit MoreChoiceSD.org.

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