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and we need your help to fix it!

My fellow San Diegans,

We cannot simply hope our democracy holds. We need to protect democracy. To do this, we need to take action in our own communities, and we need to cultivate democracy to help our constituent voices be heard. We are a local non-partisan team who want to protect our democracy, together, and we are asking for your help.

If you have a few hours a month to help others get informed, a few hours to call volunteers, or if you want to get involved in advocating for real change — we need you! We hope you will join us to build the democracy we all deserve. Please JOIN US, visit our Events page, and like our Facebook page to see the time & place of our next meeting.

Amy Tobia
On Behalf of Represent San Diego

Fixing democracy first is the only way forward.

ap·a·thy /ˈapəTHē/ noun

1. lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern
2. contributing factor to the end of democracy

We’re all too used to a non-responsive government to the point of many giving up. Too many of our leaders are focused on winning elections and not solving our collective problems and serving the needs of the people.

This isn’t just a national problem; our political system is failing us at every level.  One candidate, one campaign, one cause — no matter how worthy — will not be the silver bullet that turns the tide. 

We need to act together to fix what’s wrong with our elections, and strive for a system that is accountable, responsive and will finally “Represents Us”.  This is why we want you to help us here and now. Start local. Represent San Diego as we look to prove that the path forward really gets toward an ideal that represents us all. Click below and join us.

In total, we’ve passed 126 transformative anti-corruption laws — from anti-gerrymandering and ranked choice voting to sweeping ethics and transparency laws — all with the goal of unrigging the system and fighting back against legalized corruption.