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Represent San Diego publishes Anti-Corruption Candidates page!

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Represent San Diego published a new page on its website “Anti-Corruption Candidates,” which will stand as a running list of local candidates who have pledged support for passing the American Anti-Corruption Act locally and through Congress. As a non-partisan group, Represent San Diego maintains this list for voter information only, and the publication of the new page, and a candidate’s inclusion on the page, should not be seen as an endorsement by the group of any specific candidates. This new webpage will be updated regularly with each election cycle as relevant candidates pledge their support for the American Anti-Corruption Act.

If you’re a 2018 candidate that would like to sign a pledge of support for the American Anti-Corruption Act, please email us a photo of this completed form, and a candidate photo. If you already have and need to make us aware of your pledge, please email us at