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San Diego City Considering Ranked Choice Voting for Nov 2020 ballot

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FRONT PAGE, San Diego Union Tribune, 2/28/20! So excited that Ranked Choice Voting is making strong headway here in San Diego. Our coalition, More Choice SD, has been working for this for the last six months. Please let your San Diego City Council know that you support putting 4+RCV for SD City onto the Nov 2020 Ballot. Congratulations to Ed Chaplin and Amy Tobia with San Diego Represent.US, for their leg work and the strong team they have rallied to lobby for this great enhancement to our voting system. We will be able to vote for our favorite candidates and will always have a winner that is supported and chosen by the majority of voters.

San Diego Represent Us we have our work cut out for us. We need to cross the finish line in November with public acceptance and understanding how this will improve the whole elections process.

Visit our website, sign up, and share with anyone that is tired of only two choices on the ballot and having to pick your second least favorite candidate.:

This is how 4+RCV will work in San Diego:

Group pursues ‘ranked-choice’ voting for San Diego city elections…/nonpartisan-group-pu…

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